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Wholesale high quality 1.8% Abamectin EC

Abamectin is a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency insecticide for agriculture and livestock. It is a natural fermentation product which contains more than 80% abamectin B1a and less than 20% abamectin B1b. Control of mites, leaf miners, suckers, Colorado beetles, etc. Used on ornamentals, cotton, citrus fruit, nut crops, vegetables, potatoes and other crops.

  General info

  Function: Insecticide

  Specification: 1.8%/3.6% /5.0%EC/ME/EW

  CAS: 71751-41-2

  High effective agrochemical

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  Acute Oral LD50 (rat): 416 mg/kg

  Acute Dermal LD50 (rat): 2.000-5.000 mg/kg (females); >5.000/males)

  Acute Inhalation LC50 (rat): >2.13 mg/L

  Eye Iritation (rabbit): Moderately iritating

  Dermal Iritation (rabbit): Silight rritating

  Dermal Sensitization (guinea pig): Not a skin sensitizer


  better absorption into leaf tissue. This will extend the residual control period.

  As leaves age and harden off they lose the ability to take up abamectin and

  residual control is greatly reduced.

  Add horticultural oil or nonionic surfactant to tank to improve foliage wetting and

  enhance penetration in leaves.

  Ensure thorough coverage.

  Do not apply when bees are actively foraging.

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