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What is the difference between organic matter, humus and humic acid

First.,Soil organic matter is the basis of soil fertility, and its main functions are as follows:

  1. fertilizer and water retention, is the carrier of water and fertilizer.

  2. Microbial carriers and energy sources.

  3. Promote the formation of soil aggregate structure.


  Second, what is the soil organic matter?

  Soil organic matter is the organic matter in the soil that comes from living body excreta or corpses. Soil organic matter is a large class of macromolecular substances with very complex structures.

  In the soil, under the "coupling" of microorganisms, there is another biochemical process, which is to synthesize some small molecules of organic matter into a more complex macromolecular organic substance--humus. It is also the so-called humification process.


  Third. What is soil humus?

  Humus is a large class of macromolecular organic polymers containing carbon, which has a very large molecular weight and a complicated structure. Humus is an organic matter in the soil that is beneficial to plant growth. Scientists used sodium hydroxide and acidic substances to soak the humus, and obtained some of its slightly smaller molecular weight products: humic acid, fulvic acid, brown humic acid, and humin.

  Forth. What is soil humic acid?


  Humic acid is the main component of humus. The humic acid is further acidified and decomposed to obtain fulvic acid and brown humic acid. Humic acids are widely found in the oceans, swamps, peat, soil and freshwater waters on the Earth's surface.

  Weathered lignite is the largest class of humic acid found to date, up to 70%. Weathered lignite is a product of plant and animal residues that have undergone tens of millions of years of natural humification in the sedimentary layer of the earth's crust. It has no fuel value but is a good source of humic acid.

  It has been estimated that the biological activity of humic acid contained in some weathered lignite is 5 times that of organic humic acids from other sources. One liter of humic acid concentrate is equivalent to 7-8 tons of common organic fertilizer. One kilogram of humic acid concentrated powder is equivalent to 30 tons of animal waste.

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