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What is the difference between emamectin benzoate and abamectin?

What is the emamectin benzoate?

Emamectin benzoate is a semi-fermented, semi-synthetic Avermectin insecticide. Emamectin benzoate is an ideal substitute for highly toxic and high-residue pesticides. 

What is the abamectin?

Abamectin is a antibiotic insecticide and acaricide with highly effective and widely harmonic . It has the effect of gastric poison and contact kill to the pests and harmful mites. 

The difference between emamectin benzoate and abamectin

1. emamectin benzoate vs abamectin:activity

The insecticidal activity of emamectin benzoate is 1-3 orders of magnitude higher than that of abamectin.

It has strong killing activity against lepidopteran polar larvae and many other pests and mites.With very low doses (0.084~2g/ha), it has good effect.

And it does not harm beneficial insects in the process of controlling pests, which is beneficial to the comprehensive prevention and control of pests. 

2.emamectin benzoate vs abamectin:field of application

Abamectin is used primarily to control mites, and emamectin benzoate is used to control lepidopterian species in vegetable, cotton, and tobacco.

3.emamectin benzoate vs abamectin:temperature 

Both insecticidal activities go up with increasing temperature, but the increases is different.

At 16 C〜22C, the virulence of avermectin (both gastric toxicity) increased by about 6 times, while that of ammectin benzoate increased by only 2-3 times.

When the temperature rises above 25 C, the virulence of benzoic acid Emamectin increases greatly, or even more than 1000 times, 

while the increase of avermectin virulence is limited (from several times to 10 times), because it is true that the role of amamectin benzoate can be fully played.

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