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Water Soluble Fertilizer Manufacturers

Water Soluble Fertilize is a water-soluble organic biological fertilizer. Because water Soluble Fertilizerquickly dissolves in water, it can quickly act on vegetables, fruits, 

and plants to help plants quickly absorb nutrients.

And Water Soluble Fertilizer can be used frequently, which can reduce the harm of over-fertilization.

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Water Soluble Fertilizer features:

1. Quickly dissolve in water, easy to absorb by plants;

2. Integrate micronutrient elements to provide the best nutrients;

3. Organic and biological fertilizer, harmless to the environment;

4. Convenient application, can drip irrigation, flushing, spraying and acupoint application;

5. Wide range of action, suitable for vegetables, eggplants, fruits, etc.

Xintian is a company specializing in the production of pesticides. 

As professional Water Soluble Fertilizer manufacturers, you can rest assured of the quality of our products.

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