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The ways to spray insecticide, 99% of you haven’t carried out

  First, Precautions before spraying insecticide

  1. Reduce the source of pests

  Clean up diseased leaves, branches, fruits and even plants (The source of most diseases), and take out the incineration treatment outside the field, the effect of spray will naturally be better.

  2. Choose the right time to spray

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  (1) Determine according to temperature changes

  Whether it is plants, pests or germs, they all have a suitable activity temperature, about 20-30 ° C, 25 ° C is best, then spray pesticide, not only for the crop is safe, for the active period of the pests and diseases will also have effect.

  In high temperature weather, pesticide should be spray before 10 am and after 4 pm;

  In cold weather, you should spray after 10:00 am and before 2 pm;

  In the greenhouse in winter and spring, it is best to spray in the morning of sunny weather.

  (2) Determine according to humidity changes

  (3) Determine according to the characteristics of pests and diseases

  3. Select the pesticide

  If it is to prevent insect, First of all, the right medicine. Not using medicine at will, and recognize the difference between the fungal disease drug and the bacterial disease drug. Secondly, you should rotate the drug and do not use the same drug.

  If it is pest control, it is necessary to prescribe the insects, killing adults, killing eggs, killing larvae or nymphs, thereby reducing the source of insects; secondly, rotating the medicine, do not blindly use the same agent to prevent the increase of pest resistance and reduce the efficacy. .

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  4. Dilute pesticides properly

  The medication is diluted according to the instructions, and the severity of the occurrence of the pests may be slightly increased, but it is not recommended to double the use.

  If you feel that the drug is not effective, you can rotate the pesticide of another mechanism on the one hand, and optimize your own drug-making technology on the other hand.

  5. Mixed pesticides should be reasonable

  In the early stage of the disease, a therapeutic fungicide is absorbed by a protective fungicide.

  In the case of insecticides, it is optional to use an insecticide which has an ovicidal action and an insecticidal action.

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