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Precautions For Using Acetamiprid Insecticide

Acetamiprid Insecticide is a neonicotinoid insecticide commonly used in our farmland, and it has a good effect on eradication. However, do you know what to pay attention to when using it? Is Acetamiprid Insecticide safe?

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Compared with other pesticides, Acetamiprid Insecticide has a lower risk of harm to the environment. Because it is composed of organic compounds, it can be decomposed faster in the soil.

In the process of use, first, take protective measures and wear gloves, masks, hats, etc. Secondly, the Acetamiprid Insecticide was diluted according to the ratio of the instructions. Because Acetamiprid Insecticide has two forms of powder and granules, the ratio of dilution is different. For 50% Acetamiprid WDG, it needs to be diluted 2000-4000 times, and for 20% Acetamiprid Wettable Powder, it needs to be diluted 1500-2500 times. Then spray evenly.

The above is the matters needing attention when using Acetamiprid Insecticide.

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