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Latest Discover!abamectin and this two drugs are good match for controlling red spiders

Latest Discover!abamectin and this two drugs are good match for controlling red spiders  

Speaking of red spider, farmer friends know that well. The bug is also called aphids. Although the body of it is small but the harm is big, it will damage many kinds of crops, especially on crops such as citrus, cotton, apple, flowers, vegetables, etc. . Prevention is always incomplete, and the effect of medication is not obvious. However, some agricultural technicians have summed up a formula that is worth recommending to everyone.


  First one, Etoxazole, the drug is effective for eggs and larvae mites, but not effective for adult mites, however it has a good infertility for female mites. Therefore, the optimal control time is the initial stage of harm. It has strong rain resistance and the drug function can last for 50 days. The other one is called spirodiclofen. These two drugs are all effective against eggs and protonymph, but not adult mites . The effective period can be more than 30 days, but some parts of the area that spirodiclofen are used often, the mites are drug resistant. Etoxazole is a long-acting acaricide that has emerged in the past two years. Etoxazole is stable in low temperature conditions. These two acaricides have a synergistic effect on abamectin or auxiliaries. And use it better in the early stage of the occurrence of stagnation. For example, some cotton farmers used acetoin or snail ester in May-June this year, and the annual sputum was at a lower level.

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  In the early stage of the red spider hazard, spray with ezoxazole diluted with water 3000-4000 times. It can effectively control the entire young age of the mites (eggs, cubs and nymphs). The period of validity can be up to 40-50 days. The effect of compounding with avermectin is more prominent. For the occurrence of cotton leafhopper in the middle and late stages of cotton, it is recommended to use carbazole or snail ester and avermectin to prevent and control. The main control of apple and citrus red spiders, cotton, flowers, vegetables and other crops of spider mites, eucalyptus, whole claw mites, two-leaf mites, cinnabar mites and other mites also have excellent control.

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  Acetazole is a non-temperature sensitive, uniquely structured contact-type, selective acaricide. There is no systemicity, and the whole plant should be sprayed when spraying. For cotton leaves, it is better to spray the back of the blade. Safe and efficient for a long period of time, can effectively prevent the existing acaricides from producing resistance, and has good resistance to rain washout. If there is no heavy rain after 2 hours, there is no need to refill.

  If you want to control red spiders, you should investigate the resistance of orchard red spiders and mix abamectin and these two drug properly. It is necessary to strengthen the cultivation management, remove the weeds around the trees, and enhance the ventilation and transparency. If pests are found, they should be removed in time to avoid further development of pests.

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