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Is it safe to use 1.8% Abamectin EC

1.8% Abamectin EC is refined from antibacterial insecticides and acaricides. It has stomach toxicity and can effectively repel plant mites, Lepidoptera, Homoptera and other pests.

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1.8% Abamectin EC is an insecticide, any insecticide has a certain toxic effect, so when using it, pay attention to the following points.

1. The product safety interval is 7 days, and the crops can be used at most once per season.

2. This product cannot be mixed with alkaline substances.

3. Wear protective clothing, gloves, etc. when using this product to avoid inhalation of liquid during spraying, and do not eat or drink. Wash hands promptly after application.

1.8% Abamectin EC has excellent permeability, is highly effective and has a wide range of applications. Xintian focuses on the production of crop pesticides. As 1.8% Abamectin EC manufacturers, it has an automated production line that handles various pesticides. Please be assured of the quality of our products, because every step is carefully done from the beginning of the raw materials to the delivery of the products to the customers. Check and strictly control.

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