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Introduction to Some Common Pesticide Use Methods, Please Collect

  1.Emamectin Benzoate

  The activity of insecticidal, acaricidal and nematicidal is increased by 10-100 times, and the insecticidal spectrum is broadened; the stomach toxicity is mainly combined with contact; the pests paralyze irreversibly , stop eating, after 2-4 days In order to die, the insecticidal rate is slower; the duration of the effect is long, the pests are 10-15 days, and the cockroaches are 15-25 days. It has no absorptive energy but it can penetrate into epidermal tissues to crops; it has extremely high activity against lepidopteran pests, mites, coleoptera and homopteran pests, and it is not easy to make pests resistant to insects; Degradation; high safety for all crops at protected sites or 10 times the recommended dosage; a second insecticidal peak occurs over 10 days;


  Nicotine; contact, stomach poisoning and systemic absorption; pest paralysis death; good quick-acting, high control effect in 1 day, residual period up to 25 days; high temperature insecticidal effect; sucking mouthparts Pests; easily absorbed by crops and distributed to the top,with rooting action;

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  Nicotinic pyridines chloride, contact and stomach toxicity, good systemic activity; inhibition of acetylcholine receptor activity; effective control of aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, scales and lepidoptera in Hemiptera Leaf miner, small insectivore, and coleoptera, such as beetle, thrips and other pests; granules for soil treatment, can control underground pests; quick-acting, long-lasting effect, up to 20 days;

  4.Chlorpyrifos (Lesburn, chlorpyrifos, poisonous silk)

  Broad spectrum, stomach poisoning, contact and fumigation; good effect on underground pests; coleoptera, lepidopteran pests and pests; melon seedlings sensitive;


  Contact, stomach toxicity, and repellent effect, strong knockdown, fast insecticide; special effects on lepidopteran pests, and effective against aphids and small green leaves. The cockroach and blind cockroach have poor control effect; the residual period is relatively; the penetrating power is weak, and the internal pollution of the fruit is less;


  The contact action has both stomach toxicity, repellent and antifeedant effects; lepidopteran larvae have special effects, are ineffective against mites; penetrability is weak, only polluting the skin;

  7. lambda-cyhalothrin (Kung Fu, PP321)

  It has strong contact and stomach toxic effects on pests and mites, and also has repellent effect; it is resistant to rain erosion; it can not be used for soil treatment;

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  Contact and stomach toxicity; a variety of lepidopteran larvae have a good effect; egg killing; repellent effect;

  9.Bacillus thuringiensis

  Bacterial; stomach poison, producing bacterial toxins; slower effect; residual effect period of about 10 days; the higher the temperature, the more food, the better the effect; cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, Spodoptera litura, beet armyworm, silver streak Larvae of Lepidoptera pests such as Noctuidae; insecticidal effects can be exerted above 30 °C; use 2 to 3 days in advance


  A broad spectrum of antibiotics, insecticides, acaricides; stomach poisoning and contact killing, repellent;


  Chitin synthase is inhibited; it causes adult sterility, and has toxic effects on larvae, pupa, adults and eggs; the control effect on larvae of Lepidoptera and Diptera is more significant.


  Insecticide and ovicidal activity, and quick-acting, especially control of cotton bollworm; a variety of coleoptera, Diptera, Homoptera insects inhibit pest eating speed; faster knockdown.

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