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How Do You Use Imidacloprid

Imidacloprid is one of our common crop pesticides and a low-toxic pesticide product. It has a good effect on the elimination of sucking insects such as whiteflies, rice planthoppers, and whiteflies. Because Imidacloprid has excellent stomach toxicity.

Imidacloprid is very beneficial to crops, but do you know how to use it? Next, I will explain how to use Imidacloprid.

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Imidacloprid  usage:

Imidacloprid comes in three forms: powder, granule, and liquid, but no matter which form is used, it must be diluted before use. 70% Imidacloprid WDG needs to be diluted to 6000-8000 times and then sprayed evenly; while 20% Imidacloprid SL needs to be diluted to 2000-3000 times and sprayed evenly.

Imidacloprid  Precautions:

1. Be sure to pay attention to personal protection when using, and avoid direct contact with drugs.

2. Do not mix with alkaline drugs.

3. Avoid spraying under strong sunlight to avoid reducing the efficacy of the medicine.

The degree of dilution of each type is different, but the effect on the elimination of pests

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