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Hebei Xintian continues to deliver

Affected by the epidemic in 2020. Chinese enterprises stopped production for nearly two months, and their products were overstocked in the warehouse, which caused the interruption of capital flow.

  After May, after various rectification, approval and acceptance, the factory was successfully put into operation.

  Once started, the backlog of orders and new orders come one after another, so far, our company's export volume this year has reached more than 2.000 tons.

  The products are mainly 1.8% abamectin, of which 2% emamectin benzoate viscous emulsifiable concentrate, only one order can reach 300 tons.

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  Lambda-cyhalothrin EC has completed the shipment of 400 tons. Orders for a large amount of organic fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are sent to Southeast Asia. Customers have received favorable comments and returned orders continuously.

  China has entered the winter season and is about to usher in the Spring Festival. Now it is the best time to store pesticides and organic fertilizers. Thanks for the trust of old customers, and we are looking forward to the consultation and cooperation with new customers.

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