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Experimental Field of Morchella in Xintian, Hebei Province

In 2020, our experimental field introduced a new variety, Morchella.

Morchella is a kind of rare food and medicine monitoring bacteria recognized in the world. It has unique fragrance, rich nutrition, rich in amino acids and organic germanium needed by human body. It has the functions of tonifying kidney, strengthening yang, tonifying brain, refreshing and so on. Especially, the anticancer effect is obvious, it has strong inhibitory effect on myoma cells, and has high edible value and medical value. It is called "land fish" in the United States, and has been used as a high nutritional supplement in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Morchella (1).jpg

It is mainly distributed in Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang,, Liaoning and other places in China, Anhui and Henan also found Morchella, people call it "natural, nutritious, multi-functional" healthy food. 

In order to cultivate Morchella, we have built 30 heat preservation sheds on the experimental field, turning over the ground, sterilizing and sowing. At present, we can see that the snow-white hyphae are covered with matrix soil. 

Expected spring break harvest, enter the market, looking forward to the New year's Eve meal to add a delicious food!

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