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Does the mixture of foliar fertilizer and pesticide cause fertilizer damage

  Whether the foliar fertilizer and pesticide can be mixed or not should be based on the specific introduction of the drug, and the instructions should be read carefully before the drug mixing, so as to know it well. In fact, due to the different properties of various fertilizers and pesticides, if the mixture is not reasonable, it will affect the effect of fertilizer application and even produce fertilizer damage. Precautions for mixing foliar fertilizer and pesticide are as follows:

  I.To ensure the shape stability of foliar fertilizer and pesticide after mixing This is because the chemical or physical reaction between foliar fertilizer and pesticide may affect the effectiveness of pesticide or cause damage. If the solution has bad performance, it is not suitable for mixed use. After mixing, even if the physical properties of the liquid medicine are good, it is necessary to carry out a small-scale test to see whether it is easy to cause fertilizer damage and drug damage, and then use it in a large area.

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  II.Attention should be paid to the mixing order of foliar fertilizer and pesticide Generally, a single agent solution is prepared with sufficient water, and then another single agent is diluted with this solution; instead, two single agents cannot be mixed first, and then diluted with water, so as to avoid adverse reactions, damage of effective components and deterioration of physical properties. When foliar fertilizer is mixed, the mixing order of foliar fertilizer and pesticide is usually as follows: foliar fertilizer, wettable powder, suspending agent, water agent and emulsifiable oil are added in turn, each of them is fully mixed, and then the next one is added.

  III.use of main water volume during mixing

  Water has a great influence on liquid medicine. The pH and ion concentration of water will affect the effect. Neutral water with low ion concentration is better for dispensing water, such as clean rainwater and river water.

  IV.pay attention to the need for current use

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  Although there is no adverse reaction in the initial preparation of the liquid medicine, it is easy to produce slow reaction after long-term storage, which may result in the loss of efficacy or drug damage. Although some pesticide varieties are stable under weak alkaline conditions, they should also be prepared and used now. If they are placed for a long time, they are easy to fail.

  V.Taboo on the use of the mixture of foliar fertilizer and pesticide

  1. Basic pesticide should not be mixed with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and superphosphate or ammonia volatilization will be lost and fertilizer efficiency will be reduced.

  2.Arsenic containing pesticides shall not be mixed with potassium salt and sodium salt fertilizers, otherwise, soluble arsenic will be produced and drug damage will occur.

  3.Alkaline fertilizers such as ammonia, lime, plant ash, etc. shall not be mixed with pesticides such as pesticides, or the efficacy will be reduced.

  4. Chemical fertilizer shall not be mixed with microbial pesticide.

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