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Different color for Insecticide Acetamiprid

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  Specification:97%Tech, 70%WDG, 70%WP, 200g/L SC, 200g/l SC, 20%SP, 5%wp

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  Acetamiprid is a new insecticide. Besides contact,stomach poisoning,it has strong osmotic and systemic action.It has a quick result to the insects and a long effective period of 20 day.It has low toxicity to man,cattle and little influence to the natural enemy of the insects,fish and bee.With the special active mechanism,it can kill those insects which has resistance to organophosphorus and insecticides.It can be used on vegetables,melon plants,fruit trees,wheat,tobacco,murpy,tea,cotton,ect to control aphids,leaf hoppers,manchurian fruit moths,diamond back moths and so on.

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