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Differences between the application of emamectin benzoate and abamectin

  Difference 1: structural and molecular differences

  Natural abamectin contains 8 components, mainly including 4 types (A1a, A2a, B1a and B2a). The 4 homoloids with a smaller proportion corresponding to their total content ≥80% are A1b, A2b, B1b and B2b, whose total content ≤20%.

  Emamectin benzoate is a new effective semi-synthetic antibiotic insecticide synthesized from fermentation product abamectin B1, which has 2 components.

  Structurally speaking, emamectin benzoate was added in abamectin b1 matrix structure on both ends of the two groups, one is an amino, one is a benzoic acid, came out abamectin benzoate, hereinafter referred to as emamectin benzoate, changes in prevention and control of spectral structure changes.

Differences between the application of emamectin benzoate and abamectin.jpg  

Difference two: insecticidal activity difference

  Compared with abamectin insecticidal activity can improve the first 3 orders of magnitude, the pest lepidoptera insect larvae, and many other high activity, stomach toxicity effect and tag it, at very low doses (0.084 ~ 2 g/ha) has good effect, and in the process of prevention and control of insect pests of beneficial insects without damage, is conducive to the comprehensive prevention and control of pests, also enlarged the insecticidal spectrum, reduced the toxicity to human and animal.

Differences between the applications of emamectin benzoate and abamectin.jpg

  Three differences: both insecticidal activities increase with the increase of temperature, but the increase is different.

  1. Between 16c and 22c.

  At 16 degrees Celsius, the same amount of thyroxine is two to three times more active than abamectin;When the temperature rises from 16c to 22c, the virulence of abamectin increases by about six times, whereas the virulence of amethyst increases by only 2-3 times, so using the same amount of amethyst and amethyst at 16c to 22c has about the same insecticidal effect.It can be indicated that the effect of application of abamectin is better than that of emamectin benzoate in this temperature range.

  The temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius.

  When the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius, the virulence of the emamectin benzoate will be significantly increased, even up to 1000 times, but the virulence of abamectin will only be increased by several to ten times, at which point the effect of the emamectin benzoate will be better than that of abamectin.

  Therefore, when we choose between emamectin benzoate and abamectin, we must pay attention to the reasonable selection according to the temperature in the greenhouse.

  Difference four: the high activity of the emamectin benzoate resistance than abamectin faster.

  Difference 5: abamectin cannot kill bug egg, emamectin benzoate can kill bug egg, nevertheless the resistance of now bug is strong, kill bug egg effect with Chlorantraniliprole is good.

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