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Citrus cancer - red spider, will you control it?

  It is recognized that Red Spider is difficult to kill and recur. Red spiders breed quickly and can breed more than 20 generations a year. It takes only 15 days to produce the next generation. Females also have large eggs, and there are 30 to 60 eggs at a time. Even in the absence of males, parthenogenesis can be carried out. At such a rapid rate of reproduction, if effective control is not carried out, the orchard will soon be seriously affected.

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  The difficult and refractory treatment of red spiders is also reflected in the overlapping of generations. Eggs, nymphs, and mites exist at the same time. In the case of drug control, if you do not take care of both cockroaches and eggs, it takes only one week to re-explode. Moreover, in order to prevent and control the long-term use of the same ingredients of the red spider, the resistance of the red spider to the pesticide is serious, and the prevention and treatment is more and more difficult.

  The red spider on the citrus has two outbreaks in a year. The prevention and treatment nodes in the spring from April to May have passed. If the prevention and control work is not done well, the autumn outbreak period from September to October is a key node for prevention and control. The eruption of red spider on citrus often follows the germination of the autumn shoots, appearing in the upper and upper part of the citrus tree and on the peripheral new shoots; on the slopes of the sunny sun, the more the soil is barren, the dried orchard of the surface, the more the red spider's outbreak serious.

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  When using drugs for prevention, pay attention to the use of products with different ingredients. When purchasing pesticides, you should look for ingredients to buy. Be careful not to use the same ingredients continuously, use more compound preparations, and have products that kill and kill eggs. You can also mix them with drugs of separate ingredients. Match. When spraying, try to spray evenly, paying attention to the back of the leaves, the tree shrubs, the trunk gaps, and killing the red spiders hidden in them.

  In recent years, the method of using the predator to control the red spider has been very good, the cost is not high, and the effect is very good. Generally, a predator can survive on citrus trees for 15 to 45 days, and more can prey on 200 to 500 red spiders. It should be noted that after using the predator, do not use pesticides to avoid accidental killing of beneficial insects. In addition, trying grass cultivation in the orchard can provide a good living environment for the natural enemies of the spider mites (predatory crickets, six hummers, ladybugs, etc.), and can also control the number of red spiders and reduce the red spiders to some extent. For the harm of citrus orchards.

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  Finally, we should pay attention to clearing the garden. For some early-maturing and early-ripening citrus varieties, the whole garden should be cleaned up in time after the citrus harvest (it can also be carried out at the end of autumn and winter, when the temperature is lower). Traditional stone sulphur, Bordeaux, and mineral oils all play a good role in clearing the garden.A good job of clearing the orchard will also greatly reduce the density of insects in the citrus orchard in the coming year.

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