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Agrochemical Insecticide Abamectin

Agrochemical Insecticide Abamectin Chemical analysis:

  Appearance:odorless off-white to yellow crystals from methanol

  Purity :95%TC /3.6% EC/1.8% EC

  Melting point:150-155°C

  Storage temprature:2-8°C

  Relative density:1.16

      Agrochemical Insecticide Abamectin.jpg


  Mode of action Insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. Has limited plant systemic activity, but exhibits translaminar movement. Uses Control of motile stages of mites, leaf miners, suckers, Colorado beetles, etc. on ornamentals, cotton, citrus fruit, pome fruit, nut crops, vegetables, potatoes, and other crops. Application rates are 5.6 to 28 g/ha for mite control, 11 to 22 g/ha for control of leaf miners. Also used for control of fire ants. Phytotoxicity May be phytotoxic to pome fruit when mixed with captan.



  200Lt plastic or iron drum;

  20L, 10L, 5L HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET drum;

  1Lt, 500mL, 200mL, 100mL, 50mL HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET bottle


  25kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg fibre drum, PP bag, craft paper bag;

  25kg, 20kg, 10kg, 5kg plastic wrapped carton;

  1kg, 500g, 200g, 100g, 50g, 20g Aluminum foil bag;

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