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Acetamiprid Pesticide

What is Acetamiprid?

Acetamiprid belongs to the chloropyridyl neonicotinoid insecticide, which is composed of a variety of organic compounds. 

It has the characteristics of odorlessness, high activity, long-acting and quick-acting, and is widely used in the field of insecticide. 

As a acetamiprid factory in China, we produce acetamiprid pesticide with quality and safety guarantees.

Acetamiprid is systemic and has a good effect on the treatment of crop and insect diseases. 

It can protect crops from aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, thrips and other piercing insects. 

It can act on cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, wheat and corn.

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Mode of action of Acetamiprid

Acetamiprid is a broad-spectrum insecticide with contact and stomach toxicity and excellent internal absorption activity. 

Because acetaminophen has a unique mechanism of action, it has good insect resistance to organic phosphate, carbamate and acetamiprid pesticides. 

When insects breathe acetaminophen, the insects react in the body, thereby destroying the insects. 

Acetamiprid works in all stages of insect growth, whether they are young eggs or adults.

Therefore, if you want to reduce pests around crops, use Acetamiprid Pesticide.

Benefits of Acetamiprid Pesticide

Acetamiprid Pesticide only has an effect on insects and can be used safely on fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.

Warm Tips for Acetamiprid Pesticide

When using acetamiprid pesticide, please read the instructions or words on the outer packaging carefully.

 Wear gloves and a mask, and pay attention to protective measures.

 If acetaminophen is used correctly, it is safe and effective.

Acetamiprid Special Product

20% Acetamiprid Wettable Powder:This product is a chlorinated nicotinic insecticide with broad insecticidal spectrum, high activity and low dosage.

50% Acetamiprid WDG:This product has systemic conductivity control sucking mouthparts pest insecticide.

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