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Abamectin in citrus cultivation: If this sword is used well, the insecticidal effect is great!

Avermectins are macrolide compounds and are mainly used as agricultural insecticides, nematicides and veterinary insect repellents. Since its research and development in 1985, avermectin has become the world's recognized biopesticide with the largest production and use, and it also plays a pivotal role in pesticides.

Avermectin is an effective, versatile and versatile drug that can be used in almost all crops to control almost all pests. It can be used in a variety of ways, can be sprayed, can be rooted, or can be done. The granules are applied and even seeding agents can be used for seed treatment.

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First, contact killing, stomach poisoning, strong penetration

Abamectin is a natural product isolated from soil microorganisms. It has a contact and stomach toxicity to insects and acarids and has a weak fumigating effect and no systemic action. It has a strong contact with pests, stomach toxicity and penetration.

However, it has a strong osmotic effect on the leaves, killing the pests under the epidermis, and has a long residual effect. The larvae appear paralyzed after contact with the agent, inactive and do not feed, and die after 2 to 4 days.

It does not cause rapid dehydration of insects, so its lethal effect is slower. However, although there is a direct killing effect on predatory and parasitic natural enemies, the damage to beneficial insects is small due to the small residual surface of the plant. It has obvious effects on root-knot nematodes.

Second, excellent effect on lepidopteran pests

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Abamectin is registered on the Lepidoptera pest Plutella xylostella, and occasionally it is also registered on the rice leafroller. At present, avermectin is mainly used to wind the leafhopper on rice, due to the use time. Long, the general avermectin will also be compounded with tetrachlorfenamide, chlorantraniliprole, etc. to control the leafhopper.

In the past few years, the rice market has appeared to use high-dose avermectin to fight resistant bismuth. In the case of compounding other medicinal agents, the effect is not bad. Abamectin is used less on the vegetable diamondback moth. Mainly because the resistance is too great.

Third, the effect of prevention and treatment of mites is good

Avermectin has good effects on citrus red spiders and other fruit tree red spiders, etc. It is often combined with snail ester and carbazole to control cockroach pests. Abamectin has strong penetrating power and is effective in controlling cockroaches. There is still a certain market in the class.

Fourth, can be used to kill root knot nematodes

The effect of avermectin on the control of soil root-knot nematodes is also good. It is usually in the form of granules. Some registration certificates are avermectin and thiazolidine. At present, the root knot nematode market is large, and the market prospect of avermectin is still good.

Fifth, the compound effect is better

As a relatively conventional agent, avermectin has also developed resistance, so we generally do not recommend the use of avermectin alone to control pests. It is generally used in combination with other agents. It is recommended that everyone use avermectin. Attention time, pay attention to rotation medication to delay the emergence of resistance.

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