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A large amount of water soluble fertilizer

  Characteristics of a large amount of water soluble fertilizer

  A large amount of water soluble fertilizer is a multi-component compound fertilizer which can be completely dissolved in water. It is a liquid or solid water-soluble fertilizer with a large amount of elemental nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as main components and adding appropriate trace elements.


  First, completely soluble in water

  Complete water solubility, excellent purity, suitable for all fertilization systems, can be used for bottom application, flushing, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, foliar spraying, etc., can truly achieve water and fertilizer integration, thus achieving water saving, fertilizer saving, labor saving The effect of time.

  Second, comprehensive nutrition

  It contains a large amount of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as medium-sized elements such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur, and some essential trace elements such as boron, manganese and iron.

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  The sum of the contents of a large number of elements is not less than 50%, and the content of a single element is at least 6%. The balance of the various elements required for a balanced plant fully meets the needs of agricultural producers for high quality, high stability products.

  Third, easy to be absorbed

  Trace elements are present in the product in a chelated form and are fully absorbed by the crop.

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  Fourth, safety and environmental protection

  The raw material is ultra-pure, free of impurities and low in electrical conductivity, and can be safely applied to various economic crops such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, tea, cotton, tobacco, and lawn.

  Fifth, non-toxic and harmless

  Enriched with macromolecular organic activating factors must be rich in soil and the organic activating factors required by crops, which can improve soil, improve soil fertility and water retention capacity, and greatly enhance soil resistance.

  Sixth, good compatibility

  Can be mixed with most pesticides (except strong alkaline pesticides) to reduce operating costs.

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