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70% Imidacloprid WDG For Sale

70% Imidacloprid WDG Features:

This product has excellent inhalation and gastric toxicity. It belongs to a novel insecticide with high efficiency, broad spectrum and low residue. Different from traditional insecticides, it has no interactive resistance.,It acts on the receptor of target acetylcholinesterase, blocking the normal nerve conduction of pests and killing them by paralysis. Once pests lose the ability to move within 2-3 hours after ingestion of this product, they will reach the peak of death within 48 hours and the duration is more than 45 days, which is suitable for the control of crop resistant pests.

Since the company was restructured in 2010, Our company have increased the investment. We’ve invested the biological fertilizer factory in Xinjiang, determined to develop in multiple directions, and expand product varieties. 

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