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65% of the pesticides are wasted! It's burning money

  5. Don't follow the rules

  Pesticides also have rules, if not in accordance with the provisions, dose and drug use, safe drug use frequency and the duration between the use of pesticides, in that way, not only caused by excessive pesticide residues, further enhanced disease and insect resistance, and easy to cause the adr.

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  6.Mix and match

  Some farmer friends figure to save trouble, all fungicides, pesticides, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator and other pesticides blindly mixed together, think that a variety of pesticides compound more, prevention and control effect is better, and save time and effort, as a result, in the drug harm, can only go to buy antidote to remedy, gain more than loss.

  Some medicinal property is different, cause a variety of pesticide to mix lost efficacy, be like acidity pesticide and alkalescent pesticide mix, the medicaments liquid that easy generation precipitates mixes match, can cause dozen medicine to have no effect!

  7. Pay no attention to spray technology

  The spraying technology of pesticide is very important, the spray machine used, the size of the nozzle, the operation method, the effect of atomization, whether to carry on the second dilution, spraying time, etc., all have to pay attention to.

  When spraying from the nozzle, the liquid should contact with the air to deposit and spread the droplets on the crops. Therefore, the distance between the nozzle and the crops should be reasonably controlled to make the droplets more easily form the film on the crops, so that the efficacy of the drug will be prominent.

  good spray machinery, the front and back of the leaves liquid should be uniform and thorough, spray to do not drip.

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  8.Do not add auxiliaries to use

  If kale, leek, lotus root and other waxy vegetables spray, the liquid is easy to flow off, in the liquid add 0.1% detergent, silicone, orange peel essential oil and other additives do adhesive, the effect is very good.

  "orange peel essential oil" is better than traditional organic silicon additives and safer!Usual dozen 3 pail of water, add orange peel oil hind can dozen 5 pail of water, the effect is better still.

  9. Don't pay attention to dozen medicine way

  The occurrence, harm and habitat of field diseases and pests all have a harm site on the crops, and this specific site is the target that our pesticides should aim at.If you can't hit the target, you will have poor pesticide control effect.For example, to prevent and control borers, spray drugs on the heart leaves; to prevent and control rice planthopper and grain blight, spray drugs on the lower part of the rice plant; to spray drugs on the upper part of the rice leaf borer, leaf rice pest and white leaf blight.

  Scientific and accurate use of pesticides, to achieve the expected effect, know the specific concentration of use, appropriate application period, control objects, suitable crops and their specific application operations and methods, in order to achieve the purpose of economic, safe and efficient.

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