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65% of the pesticides are wasted! It's burning money

  According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the use of pesticides in China has reached more than 1.8 million tons, while the latest study on the use of pesticides shows that the utilization rate of pesticides in China only accounts for 35%, that is to say, there is 65% of the pesticides are wasted! It's burning money!

  According to relevant study, spray insecticide is commonly: mechanical applying pesticide spraying of pesticides can only 25% - 35% deposit on plant leaves, with air float into the air, give priority to with tiny droplets, generally about 20%, did not hit target lost or because the droplets are cumulative and fell to the ground from the target (crops), accounting for about 40%.Less than 1% of pesticides can be deposited on target pests, and only less than 0.03% can play an insecticidal role!


So the high efficiency pesticide, the low efficiency utilization rate, such dozen medicine is a waste of money!

  1. No rational drug rotation

  Disease prevention and treatment insecticide single, or long-term use of one or several of the same pesticide, so that the resistance of disease and insect resistance will be increased, the control effect will be reduced.

  and pesticide rotation can avoid this phenomenon.

  2.Do not pay attention to the quality of pesticides

  Bought false pesticide, or it is inferior pesticide, or use invalid pesticide, the effect can be imagined affirmation won't be good.First of all, eliminate fake pesticides. When buying pesticides, be sure to see the label, certificate number and date on the packaging of pesticides. Try to buy brand pesticides produced by large manufacturers.

  Understand technology, the farm endowment store that manages standard buys medicine.

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  3.Misuse of pesticides

  Some famers saw others buy the medicine, before look at effect how, before insure it the symptoms are the same, also follow to buy, but the using result is bad, in a buy again, the disease is not same, not only live insect and hopeless, also delayed the best control optimum stage, increase the prevention and control into can. So, when appear disease and insect pest, must decide the category of disease and insect pest first, be aimed at these disease or insect pest again next, pertinence buys medicine, dispensing medicine, dozen medicine!

  4.Do not grasp the time

  There are many farmers used to do not see the harm seriously and do not use drugs. Disease drugs are advocated to prevent the main, against the pathogen infection before it happen, prevent effectively. And whether plants or insects or bacteria, 20~30℃, especially about 25℃, is the most appropriate activity temperature.At this time, the medicine, in the active period of disease fungus will be more effective, more safe for the crops.So dozen medicine time, opportunity must master good.

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