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50% Acetamiprid WDG For Sale

50% Acetamiprid WGD is Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action.Secondly, we also have 20% Acetamiprid Wettable Powder.

50% Acetamiprid WDG Use:

Contact and stomach action. Effective against a broad range of foliar pests, including Aphids, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Heteroptera, Homoptera, Lepidoptera and Orthoptera; it also controls some species of Acarina. Crops include cereals, citrus, cotton, fruit, grapes, ornamentals and vegetables. 

It has strong internal absorption, quick effect, long lasting period, high content, low dosage, low cost, good effect, advanced dosage form, good dispersibility and suspension.

so,if you have any purchase intentions or questions about our products, please contact us in time!

If you have any questions, please contact us.