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5 gold rules for safe applications of pesticide

  1.Always be cautious

  Must take care throughout the purchase, transportation, storage and use of pesticides to prevent exposure of pesticides to children and unrelated persons

  It is strictly forbidden to eat during the process of handling pesticides, and the pesticides should be disposed of correctly.

  Do not apply in the hot weather such as noon, wear a sun hat when spraying, prepare enough water, and mark it.

  After purchasing pesticides, farmers should lock them separately; do not replace the original packaging, and do not use pesticide bottles to hold pesticides.

  Nothing can be sprayed from 10 am to 3 pm. And no matter how tired you are, don't spray more than 6 hours per job. It is raining, and the wind can not be applied to more than 3 levels.

  2.Read and correctly understand pesticide labels

  The pesticide label contains important information about the characteristics of the pesticide and the risks that may occur during the use of the pesticide.

  At the same time, the label also indicates the correct response to the accident in the process of using pesticides.

  Before using, understand the pictogram on the label and do as required.


  3.Pay attention to personal hygiene

  Immediately rinse with water when it drops, splashes on your skin or in your eyes

  After applying the medicine, thoroughly clean the whole body and protective clothing and overalls when applying the medicine; pay attention to protective clothing and overalls to be washed separately.

  According to the technician, take a bath after each spray, wash the overalls, and change the clean clothes after the shower.

  4.Application of instruments in a timely manner

  Correctly calibrate the application device to ensure the dosage

  Clean the medicine in time after application

  Once the drug is found to have dripping, be sure to repair it in time.

  Pay attention to the maintenance of the medical equipment, spare parts

  Do not spray on windy days; the wind when applying the medicine should just allow the liquid to spread and not too much to cause the liquid to drift, causing pollution.

  Pay attention to the drift of the liquid when applying the medicine, and do not pollute the surrounding fields and personnel.

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  5.Application personnel strengthen protection

  Applicators should wear protective clothing: long-sleeved pants and rain boots; always wear a sun hat when applying medicine in summer.

  Always wear protective masks and gloves when mixing liquids

  Wear hats, eye protection and waterproof aprons in some cases as required on the pesticide label

  Old man, infirm, sick, children, menstruating, pregnant, nursing women should not participate in the application of drugs.

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