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5% Abamectin EC For Sale

To insure the quality of the products , from the beginning of the raw materials to the final inspection before the products are delivered to the customers, 

each process has undergone strict screening and quality control, And our products have been fully recognized and affirmed by the customers.

5% Abamectin EC Features:

1. High efficiency, broad spectrum, A single drug to control a variety of pests mite

2. excellent permeability and Long duration.  

3. Pests are not easy to develop resistance, and have no resistance to interaction with other insecticides, so they have excellent effects to the drug-fast pest.

4. Safe to natural enemies, easy to be degraded without residue, and green and environmental protection.  

5. No harm to crops, even if the dosage is greater than 10 times the control dosage, the crop is still safe.

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